In the New Year's Palace of the Tang City, the first four seasons of the year were held. In a luxurious palace, the emperor receives a message from the Hundred General Ministers (officials and nobles) and all the people gather there. After the end of the greeting, cranes and turtles dance, and the emperor lives long. The emperor who made me feel good then danced and danced, and returned to Choseiden.



Waki who arrived at Kiyomizu-dera is the left guard, a person of the original Chikushi Shikuru Kunihiko. He went out of his way to the world when his seven-year-old child disappeared. It is said that there is a boy (Kanatsuki) who performs an interesting play at the front of the gate when the templeman asks if there is anything interesting in the neighborhood when visiting Kiyomizu Temple. When I see the boy's dance at the recommendation of the temple man, I realize that it is my child. It is said that Hanatsuki was enshrined in Tengu and traveled through the mountains of countries. The father and son who were willing to meet again would follow the training path together.



There are no samurai warriors out there today, so if there is a suitable person, they will come and go waiting. A man who sells kelp on Wakasa Obama's calling (contribution), who passed by, calls on a man to force him to hold off his reluctance. The angry kelp sellers let him go out of his mind before taking off his sword, picking up his hip knife, and selling kelp saying, "Konbu summon kelp summonse". I change the sale of kelp with Heikeshi, Oukamushi, dance dance, and so on, and carry away a sword and a knife.

It is funny that the position of a peddler and a samurai in Kelp is reversed by a weapon called a sword. There is also a sense of greatness that floats to dance dance as well as feeling of overcoming.



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Taira no Koremochi is hunting deer deep in the mountains when he comes upon a beautiful woman viewing the autumn leaves. The woman invites Koremochi to join her and he becomes drunk when she pours saké for him. When she begins dancing an elegant dance, Koremochi falls asleep and the woman, seeing this, disappears. As he sleeps, Koremochi is warned in a dream by a shrine god that the woman is actually a demon, and the god gives him a sword with which to protect himself. When Koremochi awakes, the demon reappears and attacks him, but he defends himself with the divinesword and at last defeats it.